The Pendleton Panther

Ketchup Lovers…Are you a ‘dipper’ or a ‘smotherer’?

Posted on: September 7, 2009

ketchup.I’ve heard that you can tell much about a person from the way they add their ketchup to their food. They range from ‘dippers’, to ‘smotherers’ or even ‘artists’ who draw all sorts of shapes with the red sauce.

They say that those who daintly dip or ‘dippers’ are methodical, would like you to think they are to be trusted, but in fact they are control freaks who resist change. Creative people normally squirt and swirl forming thin lines, they are the ones who do not suffer fools gladly and are intollerent of time wasters. Whereas those who dot their food with ketchup are conservative and dream their lives away!Artist with their easy going attitudes to life draw shapes over their food and the snobs keep their ketchup neatly in a cruet set.

However the person everyone loves is the ‘smotherer’. They totally drown their food in ketchup and enjoy every mouthful, not worring about what anyone thinks!

ketchup-drink But some people just get a bit too excited!

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