The Pendleton Panther

Hand Sanitizers Are Here to Help

Posted on: September 7, 2009

Hand SanitizerAs most of you have probably noticed, there are hand sanitizer dispensers located throughout the IMG campus.  But my question is, how effective are hand sanitizers?  Studies have shown that using hand sanitizers have almost all of the same benefits as washing your hands, and it is a more efficient and easier method.  To make sure that the hand sanitizer you are using is being effective, make sure that it is made up from 60-90% alcohol.  Otherwise you could be just wasting your time.  I think that having hand sanitizers available at schools is a great idea.  Hand sanitizers are not protective against every type of sickness, but they are affective against colds and stomach bugs.  Lower level sicknesses are the ones that are mostly found in schools so hand sanitizers should help the problem.  So when you are passing through the cafeteria or the main IMG office, take the time to get a small portion of hand sanitizer.  It can only help you.


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