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Field Hockey

Posted on: September 2, 2009

Field hockey is actually quite a violent sport. If someone takes a shot and you’re in the way, the consequences can be pretty unpleasant.

You can suffer injuries to your head or face – including lacerations, bruises, concussions and broken facial bones. Many people end up losing teeth. Also trapped fingers and bashed knees and ankles. The list is practically never ending, but you get the point.

You are made to wear protection, including a mouthguard, shinguards and astro shoes. This is an attempt to prevent some injuries, but sometimes it just doesn’t. Of course the goalie needs full body protection or they will seriously get hurt. When they have all of their padding on they can hardly walk, never mind run, it’s a good job they don’t have to do much of it.

A team is usually made up of 11 players, 10 outfield and a goalie. Positions are not fixed but most teams line up their players with 3 defence , 3 mid-field (who practically do all the running), 3 forwards, a sweeper (who plays behind the defenders) and the goalie.

Most games are usually divided into two 35 minute halfs, but in school they are much shorter.

Hockey is really fun but very tiring because you are always on the move.  



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