The Pendleton Panther

Fast Food

Posted on: September 2, 2009

imagesWith the development of the society, fast food plays an important role in our life. As we can see from our surroundings, more and more junk food restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s or Burger King are running in department stores. Some people would argue that fast food is awful food to eat. However, some other people believe that fast food could be beneficial in their working and studying fields. To begin with, the workers maintain that the fast foods are efficient and delicious. Undeniably, the junk food are  more tasteful and convenient than other dishes. In America, the burgers are the treasure for most of the employees.  However, it could cast negative shadow on the health problem for individual. Scientists recommend that adults should pay attention to their eating habit. Juveniles shouldn’t neglect to build up a strong physical system. As a result, the disadvantage of fast food overweighs the advantage of it. In addition, a healthy meal would help you to strengthen the physical system. Consequently a healthy body is way more important than the efficiency and convenience.


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