The Pendleton Panther

Rollercoasters say it all…

Posted on: September 2, 2009

too shortTalk about discrimination. I mean people don’t usually tell you the truth, but rollercoasters…they bluntly point it out.  It’s either ‘you’re too fat’ ‘you’re too small’ ‘you’re too young’ ‘ you’re too old’ ‘ you have a bad heart’.   If you don’t have much self esteem then steer clear of rollercoasters! But if you want the truth jump on! rollercoaster Yesterday at Busch Gardens, I was standing in line waiting for our turn on Sheikra, in front of us a man being squashed into the chair with two strong men pushing their whole weight onto him, but still the bar wouldn’t fit over him. Embarrassed he got off the rollercoaster.   Then on the next ride, in front of us was a small girl that was too short. She wasn’t tall enough and had to let her dad go by himself on the ride (nearly in tears). What a shame.   Also there was an old man who was told he was too old and probably wouldn’t be able to cope.  I guess the only thing they let you away with is wrinkles.


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