The Pendleton Panther

Southern California wild fire

Posted on: September 1, 2009

was2549709_h2California is battling gigantic blazes on the outskirts of Las Angeles, but firefighters warn that there could be even more dangers ahead with more blazes erupting. The peak California wild fire season has not even started. It usually starts in the fall when ferocious Santa Ana winds can drive fires out of wilderness areas and into suburbs. This could lead to a disastrous wild fire season for California. “When you see a fire burning like this, with no Santa Ana winds, we know that with the winds, it would be so much worse, so much more intense,” said Los Angeles County fire Capt. Mark Whaling. Santa Ana winds can be devastating when they sweep down from the highlands into the low lying areas with blistering speed causing devastation to the populated areas. The flames have spread over 190 square miles of forest in a week. Some 12,000 homes remained threatened as 3,600 firefighters and aircraft battled the blaze across a 50-mile line.


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