The Pendleton Panther

Florida students sent home after wearing shirts saying “Islam is of the devils”

Posted on: August 26, 2009

1_21_082609_islamshirtMany students in Florida were sent back home after wearing shirts that said “Islam is of the devil”. The high schoolers that showed up to school wearing this obviously broke the dress code and so did “Dove World Outreach Center” , the shirts violated the districts dress code. The principal of this high school told the papers the school district is obligated to protect all students from religious discrimination no matter what kind of faith they had, and that they had to ensure the same treatment to all the students in the high school. Kids shouldn’t be wearing shirts of this type to school because they could be influencing other kids to make shirts of this type and be discriminating other religions not just Islam. Also, if they don’t put consequences or a stop to this kids are going to be affected by this and high school is going to be a very negative place for kids. Its also going to cause many problems and differences in between them. Principals only want the opposite, which is a positive and good atmosphere for kids in high school.


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