The Pendleton Panther

Who Are Really Our Friends?

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Recently, I have come to discover there are 3 different kinds of friends. Ones who care and want the best for me.  Ones who don’t really care.  And ones who pretend to care but really just want to seem to be nice. To be honest, I only have a few real friends in my life.   Even at my young age, I have already lost hope in friends due to betrayals, back stabbing and other kind of behavior like that.  I have experienced enough that I don’t want to make an effort to make any new friends anymore because they always come to be a disappointment after getting to know the real side of them. One day when I was in my dorm, I found out that my friend had gotten in trouble.  I was worried but could do nothing that would help.  After a few hours, I found myself in Gary’s office.  It so happens that my “friend” had put the blame on me because she did not want to get in trouble. I did get in trouble.  But on the bright side, I learned that our friendship meant that little to her.



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