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850 Pounds of Stolen Emerald Found

Posted on: March 4, 2009

rach11In December of 2008, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department opened a crate outside of a warehouse and found an 840-pound Brazilian emerald inside. The police department had been searching for this emerald for months and was shocked when they found it. Now, the police must find out who owns this jewel, at least 5 people have claimed the emerald was there so far. Since the find the story has been a very popular topic. As this find grows in popularity, more people have been claiming it is theirs. Until the real owner is found, the police have decided to keep the emerald locked up. Last September, a man named Larry Beigler called the police and claimed his giant emerald was stolen from his Los Angeles warehouse. He estimated the worth of the emerald to be $400 million. The emerald was in possession of two businessmen from Idaho. The businessmen were in the process of selling the emerald to a buyer. 


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