The Pendleton Panther

New Addition to Guinness’s Book of Records

Posted on: March 3, 2009

pierced-ladyYou have to admit that most of the people who get into the Guinness’s Book of Records are usually people with some mental problems. It is ridiculous, how crazy or fanatic about getting into this book some people are, they don’t cut their nails for several years, or gain weight to be a proud and fattest person in the world. Most recently another one of those weird people had joined their community – the most pierced woman in the world. Her name is Ellen Davidson and currently she has 6005 holes in her body. Her piercing mania started in 1997, when she had “only” 280 holes. Born in Brazil, Ellen moved to Scotland with 462 holes on her body, 192 of them were on her face. Although her name appeared in the Book of Records right away, she had to keep piercing her body in order to stay in the place. The most interesting fact about this woman though, is that she hates all of the piercings she has, since they make her life a living hell, but to stay in the Guinness’s Book of Records she has to overcome herself every single day.


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