The Pendleton Panther

First Game for the Basketball Academy

Posted on: December 9, 2008

basketball20academy20logoIt’s here, the season has finally started for the basketball Academy at IMGA. With three games in the first week, not one player went into the Thanksgiving break feeling like they hadn’t got there money’s worth. The first of the two games were located north of Tampa at the “Mitchell Tip-Off.” At this mini tournament, we played two games resulting in a 14 point win, and a one point loss. Seeing that these were our first two games, this was nothing short of a success. The loss came against the host, Mitchell High School, where after a basket by Mitchell in the closing seconds, only allowed us to have .4 seconds to execute a play from the half court out-of-bounds. The play was designed for junior star, Dwight Powell, to receive and “alley oop” dunk off a pass from Joey M. The pass was near perfect and Dwight soared above the rim only to be taken out by a defender at the buzzer, missing the shot. A highly arguable “no call.” The last game of the week was against Haines City High School on a neutral court up in Avon Park. It resulted in a four point win for the Basketball Academy, and a great way to finish out the week. 


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