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Bulgarian Mafia Controls Spanish Nightlife

Posted on: December 3, 2008

ABC reported that the Bulgarian mafia controlled the Madrid club’s security business while the Bulgarian Mafia gang, known as Ivo, is one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the capital.  On May 10, 1999, there was a shooting at Amnesia Club caused by the Bulgarian Mafia, where they left one dead person and four badly injured.  The Iranian Gang leader wanted to control the drug business in the Madrid nightclubs. 
Ten years later nothing has changed.  Anyone who tries to go against the Mafia will regret it. One of the security guards at the Club Puerta de Hierro recently got injured by the Bulgarians. 
The most dangerous gang is The Gang of Ivo, the most notorious in the underworld of Madrid, who have their own army of guards. 
The Ivo Gang has over 100 members which are mostly Bulgarians, Romanians and Ukrainians.  The police describe them as “huge gorillas.”


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