The Pendleton Panther

Natural Disaster: San Francisco, CA

Posted on: October 8, 2008

In 1989, there was a huge earthquake that struck San Francisco. Although this natural disaster did not kill as many people as other natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, but it still impacted the lives of many by causing much damage. My mom was in San Francisco when the earthquake struck. She was listening to the radio in the car driving home from a business trip with her co-workers. While they were listening to the World Series on the radio, the announcer suddenly says “There has just been a massive earthquake…” and then the radio died. As my mom was riding in the passenger seat of a car, she felt like the car had just got a flat tire, so they pulled over to the side of the road. They looked at the tires but everything looked fine. Then they looked around at the other cars around them, and everyone was pulling over too. This is when they realized that the earthquake had caused the shaking of their car and they were experiencing the after shocks of it. All of a sudden, they looked to the sides of the street and off in the distance there were fires everywhere. This earthquake proved how powerful natural disasters can be and how it is very important to be prepared for the unexpected.


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  • Aully Bukan: Thanks for share...
  • riskstar: Good information
  • Rob Dresser: Many people have a poor grasp of what this is about. At its core this is about advanced stage terminal illness and relieving those in that condition


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