The Pendleton Panther

Pendleton vs My Home School

Posted on: October 5, 2008

The differences between Pendleton and Pleasant Valley (my hometown high school) are huge. For example, Pendleton is a private school, and the school uniform dress code is strictly enforced. At Pleasant Valley, there isn’t a strict dress code, because it is a public school. You can wear anything you want to as long as it is appropriate. Another difference between the two, is the number of students in each class. Having smaller classes is more beneficial for students because it is a lot easier to learn, and get individual attention. At Pleasant Valley, the average number of students is thirty to forty. Learning becomes much harder because getting individual attention is nearly impossible.
At Pendleton sports come first. Pendleton knows that everyone at IMG cares strongly about their sport and will do whatever it takes to succeed. This helps because the school balances the schoolwork so that it is possible to do both well in school and your sport. At Pleasant Valley, school is the top priority and sports always come second. This makes it extremely hard to balance your grades and your sport.


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