The Pendleton Panther

That 70s Show

Posted on: October 1, 2008

That 70’s show is a flash back of fun, and modern day meets old day comedy. First off the characters are hilarious. The six friends and their relationships always keep you wanting to see more. If you love sarcastic humor you’ll love Eric Foreman. He always has something to say about everything. If you laugh at stupid things, coming from clueless people you’ll love Kelso. (Who is played by Ashton Kutcher) For all you ladies this is your kind of show one way or the other. If you like funny foreign kids, Fez is you guy. He gives you a crazy accent and pure comedy from his foreign repertoire. If your more laid back, and love to laugh at seriousness. Hyde is you type of character. he is the care free, independent rebel. one of my favorites. And the red head turned blonde beauty, Donna; she is like one of the guys, because she can beat half of them up. But when she wants to she turns into Hot Donna. Her relationship with Foreman is one to keep a watch for. Last but not least is Jackie. She is the stuck up, high-maintenance, and an “all about me” character. Her flaming relationship with Kelso And Hyde is one for the ages. The back and forth keeps you on your toes. Also their are many more characters with hilarious, and great qualities, which loads this show with fun everytime. It takes place in the 70’s but with new day situations. I say this show is for Anyone. ENJOY!!!!


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