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Child bodies found in freezer

Posted on: September 29, 2008

Police in Maryland found the frozen bodies of two children in a house this past Saturday whilst investigating reports of child abuse at the address. The 43 year old woman under arrest without bail told the police that she had adopted the two girls and they had been frozen since February. The police had visited the house on Saturday to follow up reports of child abuse to a third child, 7 years old, who showed “signs of extreme abuse and neglect”. Whilst the police were investigating they found the remains of two other children in a chest-style freezer. The woman admitted to having put her adopted daughters in the freezer when she  moved to the area in February and also admitted to hitting the seven year old with a “hard-heeled shoe”.

After reading this article you have to ask yourself “What is going on in the world today?” Earlier this month some woman microvawed her baby and now some crazy woman has frozen her children to death!


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