The Pendleton Panther

Dress code is a good thing

Posted on: September 4, 2008

The dress code is a good thing for alot of reasons.  One is that it keeps the kids in the school looking good and clean. Two, it keeps the school looking like it is a good school. Three, it keeps order in the way that you dress.  

If you stay clean with your shirt tucked in, a Pendleton shirt and shorts without cargo pockets on them, and a belt, then you’re good.  It keeps everything looking clean: the school, you, the administators, everyone and everything just looks good.  And that’s the way that you want everything to look.

If you follow the dress code and don’t try to be the sly one that breaks it, then the school looks like it has structure for the kids.  If the school has structure for the kids, then that means that people outside of the school will say “Hey, that’s a good school. Everyone is dressed nicely and they all look like they’re having fun”.  I’m pretty sure that’s the way that Pendleton wants it to be.

If everyone could dress the way they wanted to dress, then this place would be complete mayhem.  We would have administrators going around telling kids that what they are wearing is inapproipiate for school.  Then some kids might not listen and have to get suspended or sent home.  We don’t want that.  That’s why we make everyone dress the same, so there is no confusion.


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